Celebrating University Press Week


Alfred University Libraries joins schools around the country in celebration of University Press Week, November 12th-17th!

The University Press community amplifies voices, disciplines, and communities.

University presses around the country publish international and local authors writing on subjects that are broad, niche, and every level of inquiry in between. Without university presses, many of these authors or subjects would not be heard so clearly in the marketplace of ideas. [1]

SUNY Press

Since 1966 SUNY Press has published research, writing and scholarly work throughout the State University of New York (SUNY) system.suny-press-logo

SUNY Press sponsors publications in the areas of African American studies, Asian studies, environmental studies, Indigenous studies, Italian American studies, Jewish studies, philosophy, political science, queer studies, religion, transpersonal psychology, and women’s studies.

Through its Excelsior Editions imprint, SUNY Press publishes works for an audience beyond academia with popular titles showcasing the history, diversity and natural beauty of the New York region. [2]

University Press Week

What is University Press Week? In the summer of 1978 President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a University Press Week “in recognition of the impact, both here and abroad, of American university presses on culture and scholarship.”


The importance of university press publishing continues today.  University Press Week highlights the extraordinary work of nonprofit scholarly publishers and their many contributions to culture, academia and an informed society at large. [3]

A foyer display in Scholes Library highlights a sampling of SUNY Press publications. Stop by and see what SUNY Press has contributed to the academic conversation.

Can you spot the names of any Alfred University professors in the display?


[1] Association of University Presses 

[2] SUNY Press

[3] University Press Week


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