Student Art Collection at Herrick

For over twenty years Herrick Library has been collecting AU student art. Sometimes the library itself buys from the senior shows…

Hupmobile    CommunicationPeople in BookEnd Lounge

sometimes the library is given art from a committee which buys excellent student art to place across campus…

Blown glass rods

sometimes students really just want to leave a piece of their work at Alfred, and they give it to the library…

Table made of books

or make the library a really great deal…

Blue head sculpture

We also have some art that was created by our own student workers…

Hand with appleThe Advocate


Some of the art is fanciful…

Crested rabbit

Some is abstract…

Disjointed face

Herrick also hosts temporary student art exhibits…

iArt Installation 2013

Sometimes art can just disappear when you’ve walked by it for a long time without really looking at it. When you’ve got a few spare minutes, check out the student art at Herrick. Most of the library’s student art is in the Learning Commons, and in the top floor hallway between the Children’s room and the East Wing (toward Alumni Hall.) Most pieces are identified by the name and graduation year of the artist. They’d be happy for you to stop by and see what they created.

Steve Crandall

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